May 16, 2024

How To Build a Community

How To Build a Community: How to create a community that people will want to be a part of.

How To Build a Community

First things first, audience and community are not the same. If you focus on the numbers, your relationship with your community can become one-sided. Take advantage of platforms that make it easy to communicate with your community. Engagement is key. Replying to comments and messages and reminding your community that there’s a real human behind the content can help retain your community. This blog will explain how to build a community by explaining the importance of retention, why going live is the key and how to differentiate your content in this world full of it.

Three Things You Can Do To Build Your Community:

Retention Is King Many are focused on increasing their audience. But never focus on retaining them. Retaining customers builds loyalty and a strong customer base. Some may even call them hardcore fans. Your retention strategy should be prioritized along with your ‘getting new’ marketing strategy. It’s worth adding value for your customers to motivate them to stick with you. This could be free information, more 1-2-1 time with you or even a gift or prize.

Go Live or Go Home

Live content is STILL on the rise, we all just love video, and there's nothing more in the moment than a livestream. It motivates people to interact as it is more personable and genuine. Adding virtual sessions can be anything from coaching classes to 1-2-1 sessions, or further more bring other creators you want to partner with. If you’re still not set up on doing live sessions then now is the time to do so.

Understanding what a community is can also be hard, click here if you're not quite sure.

Level up Your On-Demand

The days of boring pre-recorded videos are over, and the demand for interactive, exciting videos is rising - you only need to look at all the friends and family around you, and how they're interacting with their phones. There’s so much content out there; so focus on what you can do to make yours different. Bring something new to the table, be vulnerable, authentic and challenge yourself, and be excited to do it. I know what you’re thinking; coming out of the normal structure and regime is gonna be hard.

Here are a few ways some of the top Creators on KLIQ are seeing success.
To be exciting add a personal touch or drip-feed the content weekly, turn your content into a mini-series. To add interaction get your fans to post in your KLIQ community every morning, you lead the way. Create polls and ask them what they want from your content, and find common grounds on how the community are feeling at this present time. Your community will feel valued and part of something. Finally, make it challenging not only for you but also for them by putting your members up against each other and adding some motivation with a prize for whoever comes out on top. With these focus points, your community and quality of content will grow, along with interactions and engagements.

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